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PPE in operating theatres for General Surgery during COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted 11 April 2020 in

To all Medical Directors

The most frequently asked question this week has been about appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) in the operating theatre, and several members have been in touch saying that they are not receiving the level of PPE recommended by Public Health England. In view of this, ACPGBI has produced a letter of support for Members which we would encourage you to use locally to ensure your own safety first and foremost. If healthcare professionals fall sick, they cannot look after patients.

Letter to Medical Director on PPE (247kB)

The appropriate PPE in the operating theatre for general surgery procedures on patients with possible or confirmed COVID-19 is:

  • disposable gloves
  • disposable plastic apron
  • disposable fluid-resistant gown
  • filtering face piece respirator
  • eye and face protection

COVID-19 personal protective equipment (PPE)