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Posted 21 February 2017 in

National Audit of Small Bowel Obstruction

NASBO is now half way through the data collection period with over 160 centres signed up to participate across the UK. 350 cases have already been logged centrally and half the participating centres have already entered some data on the central secure database. See the week 5 newsletter for all the latest facts and figures. Thank-you to everyone who is supporting NASBO and please keep up the good effort.


The R&A Committee has been working with SWORD to build a procedure-based database in IBD surgery for the benefit of our members. We would like to particularly thank Austin Acheson for his efforts over the last year in making this happen.

The pouch module is now ready and will be made available as a membership benefit to any Consultant Member of ACPGBI who is practising in the United Kingdom. Consultants will need to register to receive a personalized log-in to allow them to see their own data and others’ anonymised data. As SWORD is based on regularly updated HES data, it will only contain information on pouch surgery in England in the first instance, and is likely to be susceptible to some coding errors. Working with your local coders will only help improve the quality of this database with time. And we plan to bring you other IBD procedures over the coming year.

Patient & Public Involvement in Surgical Research

With the BDRF, we continue to support research proposals in development. A key area has been holding targeted PPI events in support of Delphi projects. We held PPI days in perianal Crohn’s and rectal prolapse in late 2016, and have a PPI to help design trials in managing ileocaecal Crohn’s and advanced colorectal cancer coming up in early 2017.

After months of preparatory work, 58 patients, gastroenterologists, colorectal surgeons, gastrointestinal radiologists and researchers met at the RCS on 2 February 2017 for an invigorating and truly collaborative workshop to finalise the Core Outcome Set for perianal Crohn’s disease.

Research & Audit on ACPGBI Website

We do hope that you have enjoyed visiting our R&A pages on the new ACPGBI website that our External Affairs Chair Mark Chapman and his predecessor Mark Coleman have worked so hard to bring to fruition. The R&A Committee would like to acknowledge the fantastic efforts of Faheez Mohammed on our behalf in updating the Trials and Research section, and Alice Brook for pulling it all together. Please do let us know if you would like any new trials advertised here or if you think there are specific areas of future or published research that we should be showcasing on our website pages.

Nicola Fearnhead, Chair, Research & Audit Committee