NHS Pressures: Cancellations of elective surgery and outpatients appointments

Posted 10 January 2018 in

Statement on behalf of the ACPGBI IBD/CAG subcommittee

Most patients with inflammatory bowel disease who require surgery will either undergo the procedure as an emergency or as a scheduled elective procedure.  For the latter there is undoubtedly a group where timing of surgery is crucial and delays can be detrimental.

Optimal surgical outcomes can only be achieved when medical therapy, such as steroids are low, nutritional status is high and there is no flare up of disease.  There may only be a small window when this is achievable.

Delays are very likely to compromise outcome in terms of complications and an increased need for stoma formation.

ACPGBI strongly believes that scheduled surgery for patients with inflammatory bowel disease should proceed as scheduled despite the pressures on elective surgical services.