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New president, Peter Dawson, sets out his stall

Posted 21 July 2016 in

Dear Members - Bob Steele’s Presidency has seen the ACPGBI grow and mature into an organization fit for purpose for its members and the patients they serve. For this we are truly grateful for Bob’s wise and thoughtful counsel and guidance with great support from the Executive and Council.

Peter Dawson, President

ACPGBI presidency debate

I start with one topic at the recent AGM however that has divided ACPGBI opinion: the two-year presidency debate.

I feel it necessary to explain the vote and the constitutional decision that was taken at the AGM in Edinburgh to decline the motion for a two-year presidency.

The constitution states that any change requires a two-thirds majority of the voting membership. This was not the case at the AGM and therefore the motion declined. Good arguments for and against were debated and, whilst a sign of a healthy association, the small majority in favor of the two-year ACPGBI presidency motion was not enough required and therefore not passed.

Strategy and membership

The Executive has been working hard over the last two years to define the Association’s strategy, risk and direction for the short and medium term. The details of this may be found in the Executive summary and the detailed document is on our website.

Our mission is to ‘Promote the prevention, care and cure of colorectal disease’. The tools to achieve this are the membership, chapters, ACPGBI nurses, Council and Executive – i.e. YOU! Our committees advise, organise and govern different aspects of the Association’s business and the needs of its membership.  We need to harness all our members’ energy, expertise and opinion. Please keep an eye on all the vacancies we advertise and make your voice count.

Our survey of members, focus groups and presentations at DDF in 2015 produced many suggestions for improving and developing educational opportunities.  Nine out of ten respondents wished to see ACPGBI engagement with commissioning and decision-making on resource allocation. Our excellent document Resources for Coloproctology goes some way to addressing these issues. Further work will progress this issue.

Further proposals

In addition I propose to:

  1. Publish our new Guidelines for Colorectal Cancer by the end of the year
  2. Forge a fresh relationship with The Dukes Club that supports and enables this hugely important group to maintain its functionality and financial stability
  3. Establish formal links with ASGBI and AUGIS
  4. Develop a Board of Trustees for ACPGBI to fulfil our obligations as a charity
  5. To work with ASGBI and AUGIS and highlight the importance of Emergency General Surgery
  6. Establish better links with Industry on whom we increasingly depend
  7. Reinforce the excellent work carried out by our vibrant Patient Liaison Group by establishing a strong patient centred group that joins us in annual meetings in concert with our Charity supporters (BDRF, Beating Bowel Cancer, Bowel Cancer UK, IA, Crohns and Colitis UK, etc).
  8. Increase our profile politically by actively engaging with our European sister Associations confirming political change will not influence medical cooperation.
  9. Support the revitalised Nurses group (already started with their new committee)
  10. To redefine and clarify the relationship with The Pelvic Floor Society
  11. Encourage and develop our educational and research portfolios.

Whilst this may be an ambitious agenda, I believe it is possible with ACPGBI as the voice of coloproctology in the UK.  Membership is essential for all those practising in our field.

I am honoured to be your President this year. I am looking forward to the challenges ahead with you all.

Your views matter, so please do make contact with me directly on these or  any other matter at: [email protected]

Mr Peter Dawson
ACPGBI President 2016/2017