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NBOCA: 2017-18 submission deadline 16 November 2018

Posted 09 October 2018 in

The dataset changes for 2018-19 are now live on the Clinical Audit Platform (CAP).

 The updated NBOCA dataset for 2018-19

The main change is the addition of a non-primary record, made up of three COSD data items

  • CR6500: DateOfNonPrimaryCancerPathway
  • CR6520*: RecurrenceOrMetastaticType
  • CR6970: MetastaticSite

*CR6520 includes:

  • 01 Local
  • 02 Regional
  • 03 Distant

The record has been introduced so the audit can collect data on recurrences (not progressions).

Please note:

• Historical recurrence data may be submitted but there must be an associated tumour record in CAP

• Only recurrences relating to the first primary diagnosis of that cancer should be submitted.

Local and loco-regional recurrences that are operated on at a different hospital to the hospital where the surgery for the primary cancer was performed can now be submitted (that is resections for loco-regional recurrence).

These will then be captured through NBOCA as long as the record for the primary tumour was submitted to NBOCA by the hospital carrying out the primary surgery.