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Master of Surgery in Coloproctology

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Study for a UK Clinical Masters from Britain or overseas (MS/MCh)

An outstanding modular course designed specifically for surgical professionals advancing in coloproctology. The course combines in-depth clinical and surgical modules with leadership and research to provide a complete approach to coloproctology practice. The realistic
content provides trainees and consultants with relevant credentials in this important surgical field.

The immersive interactive format covers all aspects of coloproctology, strengthening clinical knowledge, critical thinking and decision-making skills. The course is delivered entirely online within a thriving learning community, facilitated by consultants in; colorectal
surgery, gastroenterology and oncology.

This flexible course offers a challenging but rewarding educational experience from start to finish and is tailored specifically around the working lives of busy surgical practitioners. Participation requires no travel or GMC registration and is therefore accessible worldwide.

All assessment is undertaken online and accreditation is awarded based on both online participation and completion of summative assessments. You can accrue credits from standalone modules leading to an MS/MCh in Coloproctology.

Qualifications Available
3 modules (60 credits): Postgraduate Certificate
6 modules (120 credits): Postgraduate Diploma
6 modules + dissertation: Master of Surgery Degree
(MS/MCh) in Coloproctology

Information provided here is subject to change. This course is planned to run from January 2019.

Topics Covered

Colorectal Emergencies
Large bowel obstruction, Colonic perforation and diverticular complications, Acute severe colitis and total colectomy, Anastomotic leak and intestinal failure, Lower GI bleeding

Polyps and familial cancer, Colon cancer, Rectal cancer, Recurrent disease, Metastatic disease, Adjuvant treatment, Anal cancer, Nonepithelial tumours

Research Audit & Service Evaluation
Service Evaluation and Audit, Statistics, Research governance, Research conduct

Inflammatory Bowel Disease
IBD and Ulcerative Colitis, Acute Severe UC, Crohn’s and Enterocutaneous Fistula, Crohn’s and Perianal Disease, Chronic Inflammatory Mass, Dysplasia and Cancer

Proctology & Functional Bowel Disorders
Including Faecal Incontinence and Physiology, Haemorrhoids and fistula in ano, Rectocoele/Prolapse/Solitary Rectal Ulcer (SRUS),
Fissure in ano and hydradenitis suppurativa

Leadership & Management
Designing a service improvement package relating to the delivery of colorectal surgery, focusing on the role of the leader in the development, planning and implementation of this project.

Further details and entry requirements can be found on the UEA website

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