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Delphi Research Question: Rationale for Creating Diverting Stomas

Posted 16 April 2015 in

Dear Colleague

We would be very grateful if you could assist us with a research project we are undertaking with the support of the ACPGBI. The decision whether or not to create a defunctioning stoma after anterior resection is one that every colorectal surgeon is familiar with, and can have significant patient consequences. There are several well-recognised rational patient factors that influence this decision. Our interest is whether irrational surgeon factors exert an effect on the decision-making process. In order to examine this decision-making process we would be very grateful if you could spare 15 minutes to complete our on-line questionnaire. Answers are completely anonymous, and no personally identifying questions shall be asked of respondents. This study is being supported by the Research & Audit Committee of the ACPGBI, and we believe the results will be of significant interest to the UK surgical community and beyond.

Please click this link to be taken to our on-line questionnaire.

Mr Ewan MacDermid