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COPE study: COVID-19 in Older People

Posted 10 April 2020 in

McCarthy, Verduri, Braude, Moug, Carter, Vilches-Morago, Myint, Hewitt & Phyo Myint, Kathryn McKarthy and Jonathan Hewitt of Older Persons Surgical Outcomes Collaborative (OPSOC)

COPE (COVID-19 in Older PEople) is a multi-centred international observational study looking to assess the influence of frailty and multi-morbidity on survival in all adults admitted to hospital. Frailty is increasingly being used in shared decision-making making assessment of frailty’s influence on patient outcomes a key piece of research to perform.

What patients are we looking for? any adult over the age of 18 admitted to hospital with lab confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis.

Medical or surgical patients? Both please.

What data? Key data is age, Clinical Frailty Score (1-9) and 30 day mortality. Other data collection includes: co-morbidity; medications; length of stay; ITU admission.

Will you publish your work?​ Yes and hopefully quickly. We have already collected a few hundred patients and have a statistician analysing just now. All contributors will be recognised as authors.

I’d like to participate – how do I do that? Any sites (UK and beyond) are welcome and can contact the COPE Study at http://www.opsoc.eu or @CUGERIMSc for details