Consultant Outcome Publication in Bowel Cancer Surgery 2015

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Dear ACPGBI Member

Consultant Outcome Publication in Bowel Cancer Surgery 2015

Individual consultant outcomes for bowel cancer surgery have been published today on the Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland website at The data includes all elective primary cancer resections undertaken in England in the four year period to 31 March 2014. Each surgeon’s results are presented alongside colleagues in the Trust where they were working on or before that date. 784 surgeons and 146 NHS Trusts are included in this year’s outcome data.

We hope you will like the changes in presentation this year with improvements in:

  • Layout of the presentation pages with widening of graphs and tables
  • A “hover” function on red dots in funnel plots
  • Lower confidence limit (pink lower limit area) on Trust funnel plots
  • Inclusion of GMC numbers in tables
  • Links from members names to their A-Z pages indicated by icon next to member name

The National Bowel Cancer Audit collects the data on all colorectal cancer patients and our thanks go to Kimberley Greenaway at HSCIC for all the work she has done on our behalf. Of 121 000 patients included in the Audit during this four year period, just under 60 000 patients have been included in COP 2015. It has been gratifying to see the data set become more comprehensive and more accurate each year, and the Audit would like to thank all the surgeons who have so willingly contributed to this trend.

The mortality at 90 days after planned bowel cancer surgery has fallen year on year with an average risk-adjusted mortality across all Trusts of 2.8% this year. Importantly, no individual surgeon had results that fell outside the normal range of variation expected. There was one Trust with a higher mortality rate and one Trust with a lower mortality rate than expected.

The same data set will be presented on the NHS Choices website in December 2015 with personalised weblinks for all surgeons (not just ACPGBI members) back to the ACPGBI source information page. The weblinks have been commissioned and funded by ACPGBI.

Please do contact the office if you note any errors or omissions, or if you have questions or need assistance with updating personal profiles on your personal page.

With kind regards

Nicola Fearnhead
ACPGBI Executive Lead for COP