Colorectal Disease subscription now online-only for members

Posted 09 February 2016 in

In keeping with an increasing number of journals, Colorectal Disease is moving to a predominantly online platform, and as from the 1 January 2016, the paper version will not be sent routinely to members of ACPGBI, but the electronic version will be readily available to all.

We understand your disappointment that a paper version of our journal Colorectal Disease will no longer be available as part of membership of ACPGBI.  The reasoning behind this is two-fold:

  1. Firstly, electronic publishing is rapidly becoming the norm, and many journals affiliated to Societies and Colleges, including the British Journal of Surgery, have gone down this route.
  2. Secondly, we have to take account of financial issues, and to keep the paper version of the journal as a member benefit would have necessitated a substantial increase in the membership fee.

In the first instance, we will be emailing the membership with a list of contents so that everyone is made aware  that the latest version is available, and we are assured by the publisher that an app, similar to that available for the BJS will be available to members.  We hope that this will go some way to keeping the journal accessible and useful.

Kind Regards

Professor Robert JC Steele, President ACPGBI

Access the latest version of Colorectal Disease here