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Survival after planned surgery for bowel cancer continues to improve in England

Outcomes for bowel cancer surgery are published today (17 November 2016) by the ACPGBI, the professional body that represents and supports bowel cancer surgeons, nurses and allied health professionals. Publication of surgeon and Trust outcomes may be found on the here on our website, and will be available on NHS Choices early next year. The data are provided by the National Bowel Cancer Audit and include just over 74 000 (seventy-four thousand) patients who had treatment for bowel cancer in England. The patients were all diagnosed between April 2010 and March 2015 and then went on to have planned surgery to remove their cancer.

The National Bowel Cancer Audit is one of biggest national initiatives to report on individual surgeons’ results. 807 surgeons and 146 NHS Trusts are included in this year’s outcome data. This is the fourth year that results have been published for individual surgeons as well as Trusts. The data set has become more comprehensive and more accurate each year.

The number of patients dying before 90 days after planned bowel cancer surgery has fallen year on year with an average mortality (death rate) across all Trusts of just 2.68% over the last 5 years. Just one Trust and one surgeon had outcomes that were worse than expected by chance when compared to all others. There was also one Trust that was a positive outlier – this means that the death rate was lower than expected.

This year sees the addition of new outcome measures at Trust level. The proportion of patients undergoing surgical removal of their bowel cancer at each Trust is reported with an average rate of 63% across England. Case ascertainment, a quality marker indicating how many of all patients with bowel cancer have been included by a Trust in the National Audit, is at 93%.

Mr Peter Dawson, President of the ACPGBI, commented:

Clinical Outcome Publication clearly demonstrates improved outcomes for patients who have surgery for bowel cancer. This is a testament to all members of the multidisciplinary teams involved in caring for patients. This year sees the addition of further Trust outcomes, specifically resection rate and case ascertainment. Patients should be reassured that they are amongst the best informed and best treated in Europe. We look forward next year to further improvement.

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