A clinical consensus on improving the colonoscopic screening and surveillance of people with Lynch syndrome in England

Posted 29 November 2017 in

Bowel Cancer UK is calling on the national Bowel Cancer Screening Programme to take responsibility for screening people with Lynch syndrome for bowel cancer in England.

Currently the screening of people with Lynch syndrome is managed by local hospitals but this has led to high levels of regional variation across the country, resulting in unacceptable waiting times for routine colonoscopy and poor quality care.

We recommend that the Bowel cancer Screening Programme extend their service to include people with Lynch syndrome so that they can receive the same high quality and timely service available to people who take part in population screening and who, overall, have a much lower risk of cancer.

It’s time to close the #ScreeningGap.

Clinical Consensus Lynch Syndrome 2017 (302kB)

BMJ Rapid Response (108kB)

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