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Calling all members of the ACPGBI with an interest in pelvic floor pathology or a functional pelvic floor practice

Posted 16 January 2018 in

The Pelvic Floor Society (FPS) is a subsection of the ACPGBI and is a multi-disciplinary group of professionals with a shared interest in the assessment and treatment of patients with pelvic floor problems.

The PFS membership is included in your subscription for the ACPGBI and applying for membership is very straightforward.

For more information visit the FPS website

With the increased media interest in the use of mesh in the surgical treatment of pelvic floor problems there has never been a better time to get involved with the society. We hope to provide advice and vital documentation to help support professionals in this area.

The website has many useful documents relating to the treatment of pelvic floor problems both relating to surgical and non-surgical treatments. Also as a member of the PFS you will have automatic access to the national registry for ventral mesh rectopexy. Recording the uptake and use of this operation has never been more important in today’s climate. We need to know what the true results and risks of this operation are if we are going to be able to fully advise patients moving forward. Having evidence of ongoing review of surgical results is clearly a governance priority in this sensitive area.

The website also has open access papers on the systematic review of surgical treatments for constipation, as well as the PFS /ACPBI position statement on the use of mesh in ventral mesh rectopexy. There are also a wealth of patient information leaflets all of which are freely available to PFS members to use in helping fully inform patients during the consent for treatment.

As well as running a section of the annual ACPGBI meeting (including a very popular anal ultrasound course which will run again this year in Birmingham) we have an annual meeting on 18 to 20 April  2018 in Telford.

This year we join with the United Kingdom Continence Society (UKCS) to have a combined pelvic floor summit.  This promises to be a major event for doctors and allied health professionals. It is a three day meeting that reflects the increasing recognition that pelvic floor problems and incontinence require an integrated multidisciplinary approach.

More information here

We look forward to seeing you there!

Andy Williams
Chair PFS