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BDRF new tagline competition – could you help?

Posted 08 January 2016 in

BDRF are launching a competition to find a new tagline for their fundraising material - and they need your help.

Their current strapline, ‘advancing the cure and treatment of bowel disease’, has been considered a bit too wordy and formal, and they want to update their image with a new phrase that sums up their mission. The new phrase should embody the goals of their research in an inspiring way. Examples of what they mean include Cancer Research’s phrase; ‘Let’s beat Cancer sooner’, or Diabetes UK’s ‘Care. Connect. Campaign’.

BDRF would like ACPGBI members, supporters and friends to ‘tweet’ using the hashtag #BDRF (or @BDRF1) with their own suggestions – for example ‘Understanding, treating and curing bowel disease’. Gently humorous options are also welcome.

Entries will be open until midnight on Sunday 17 January.

The entrant with the winning tagline will be awarded a £50 book voucher and bragging rights!

Enter Now!

To enter by email or with any queries please get in touch at [email protected]