Applications are invited for a Nurse Trustee for the ACPGBI Trustee Board

Posted 25 July 2019 in

The Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland (ACPGBI), a registered charity, is seeking to appoint a Nurse Trustee to their Trustee Board.

The charity is composed of some 1000+ surgeons, nurses and allied professionals who work in the area of Coloproctology, which includes all diseases of the lower part of the intestinal tract. This includes both functional illness (for example Crohn’s disease) as well as bowel and rectal cancer.

Charity trustees share the ultimate responsibility for governing a charity and directing how it is managed and run, and they remain entirely independent of those involved in the day-to-day management of a charity. The ACPGBI trustees hold approximately 3 meetings per annum (face to face or teleconference), and a reasonable level of attendance is expected.

The Trustee Board would expect the Nurse Trustee to have a particular focus on the optimisation of the benefit the charity seeks to provide to colorectal patients and the wider public from a nursing perspective. However, he or she will also be expected to give oversight to all other areas for which the trustees have responsibility.

A prospective candidate should have a strong belief in the highest standards of clinical care, and a desire to make a difference to the charity, whose aims are to advance the science and practice of Coloproctology. It does this by promoting best clinical practice, with education and training in the speciality, supports research and audit, and disseminates information to both professionals and the public. A major event is the annual Conference, which attracts some 700+ delegates from the UK and internationally.

The charity is funded exclusively by annual subscription from its membership and supplies professional support and development to those members. It also incorporates trainees in its work, and has a separate charitable body which raises funds for research, the Bowel Disease Research Foundation, and which has its own trustees. It also includes a group of volunteer patient and patient advocates (the Patient Liaison Group) who advise on all areas of patient concern.

The Association has an Executive who formulate strategy, and a Council which meets three times each year, and which is composed of representatives from regional groups (Chapters) and other non-surgical representatives from Oncology, Radiology, Nursing and other allied professionals. Only two paid employees form its Secretariat, and it relies on the goodwill of its members to deliver its aims and objectives in all other respects.

Applicants for the role of Nurse Trustee should have a qualification in nursing and should have a particular role and/or interest in coloproctology. They should also be a member of the Association of Coloproctology Nurses.

Trustees are expected to declare any conflicts of interest; they must not be a paid employee of a charity allied to Coloproctology (although they can be an unpaid volunteer). They, nor any of their close family, should not be employed by a medical device company or a pharmaceutical company which supplies the field of Coloproctology. They should not be a current member of the Council of ACPGBI or any of its committees.

Those who would like to consider applying are urged to look at the Charity Commission pages on to ensure their eligibility, and to learn more about the role of a trustee, and also to research fully the ACPGBI website, including its patient pages for further information.

If you wish to apply, please do so by 5 pm on Friday, 13 September 2019 by letter to Professor RJC Steele, Chair of the Board of Trustees and include your CV.

Email your application to [email protected]