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ACPGBI response to a recent publication in BJC ‘Is England closing the international gap in cancer survival?’

Posted 07 August 2015 in

A recent article in the British Journal of Cancer reveals that cancer survival in England remains lower than countries with similar healthcare systems.


Here’s what our President had to say:

“An international group of researchers have found that, despite significant improvements, cancer survival remains lower in England than in Australia, Canada, Norway and Sweden.  This is put down to inferior systems of cancer management, which may, indeed, be contributory.  What the authors do not address, however,  is the issue of background deprivation.  It is well established that cancer survival is adversely affected by socio-economic deprivation, and although it is well-nigh impossible to make meaningful comparisons of deprivation across countries, it is likely that levels of deprivation are higher in England than in the countries with which it has been compared. Clearly, there is room for improvement, but we should not be too hasty to place the blame for the poorer outcomes seen in England on the way we manage patients with cancer.   The NHS does a wonderful job of delivering care to all in the UK, and our Government must also look to reducing the stark deprivation gradient in our population.”


Professor R J C Steele

President, Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland

BJC article here