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ACPGBI Patient Liaison Group (PLG) contributes to BJS

Posted 17 January 2018 in

ACPGBI Patient Liaison Group (PLG) contributes to BJS Edition in February 2018 on Quality of Life/Patient-Reported Outcomes

The work of your PLG volunteers is wide ranging, and we draw your attention to a Leading Article contributed by a PLG member in the February issue of the British Journal of Surgery on Quality of Life and patient-reported outcomes.

The research chosen for this edition demonstrates the value of integrating patient reported outcomes with clinical outcomes, where Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) can guide surgeons in the choice of treatments and surgical techniques, which patients report as enhancing their Quality of Life. Patient priorities for treatments can be revealed, which can sometimes confound surgeons’ expectations.

PROMs, whilst often methodologically challenging, is now establishing a sound evidence base of essential value.  Increasing longer-term survival post treatment, for a range of conditions, is now making holistic care a more important issue for consideration in surgical practice.

This article will be on OPEN ACCESS in the February edition of the BJS.

This is a must read for Colorectal surgeons!