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ACPGBI message of support for Members of Black Asian and Minority Ethnic Groups during COVID-19

Posted 17 April 2020 in

ACPGBI acknowledges that most healthcare professionals who have died from COVID-19 were from Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds. The national ICNARC data have also indicated that 35% of patients in critical care due to COVID-19 are from BAME groups. This is a major concern as neither figure is representative of our population where only 14% of the population are BAME.

With 44% of NHS healthcare staff from BAME backgrounds, ACPGBI believes it is imperative that we highlight the importance of personal safety in the workplace for our BAME members. As with all clinical front-line staff, we wish to highlight that you should:

· Not feel pressurised into putting yourself at personal risk

· Notify Occupational Health and your line manager of all health problems

· Have adequate access to the appropriate level of PPE for clinical scenarios

· Use safe surgery practices during COVID-19

· Receive appropriate training if re-deployed to an unfamiliar area or starting a new job.

Please do contact ACPGBI if you need support to ensure your safety. We shall do our best to help in any way we can.

ACPGBI support for BAME Members (255kB)