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Unlocking the potential of minimal access surgery – event at the Francis Crick Institute

20 Mar 18
20 March 2018
6pm – 9pm
The Francis Crick Institute
1 Midland Road London NW1 1AT

Minimal Access Surgery (MAS) offers significant benefits to patients, with lower surgical site infection rates, reduced pain and less blood loss, resulting in a shorter recovery time and quicker return to normal life. Yet despite these benefits, it has arguably failed to achieve its full potential, reaching fewer than half of the patient population. Given the significant benefits MAS offers patients, this event will explore why after 30 years of use in surgical practice this remains the case, and whether this creates a dilemma for the profession?

The event will draw on the expertise of key thought-leaders in surgery to examine the challenges and opportunity MAS faces. It will be chaired by Lawrence McGinty, chair of the Medical Journalists’ Association & former science and medical editor for ITV.

‘Unlocking the potential of minimal access surgery (MAS) – a conversation on the challenges and opportunities for greater MAS adoption in the UK’. The event will also see the launch of a new report from the Office of Health Economics on the barriers to uptake of MAS.

With a panel containing some of the key thought-leaders in surgery, including Amjad Parvaiz, Thomas Ind, Carolynne Vaizey and Prokar Dasgupta, the discussion is sure to be a highly thought-provoking and inspiring event on one of the most important issues facing the future of surgery.

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