IBD Surgical Outcome Registry

TaTME congress

26 Jun 17
26 June 2017
Kröller-Müller Museum

This conference is organized in cooperation with the COLOR workgroup, ILAPP SURGERY foundation, International TaTME Registry Collaborative and the AIS Channel.


  • Do we really need TaTME?
    History of TME surgery – Bill Heald
    Open TME still unbeaten – M. Brendan Moran
    Robotic TME not the cost matters but quality of surgery – Philippe Rouanet
    TaTME results over the globe (registry) – Roel Hompes
  • What do we need to know for good TaTME surgery?
    Rectal anatomy up site down – Thilo Wedel
    MRI: the radiological roadmap for taTME and patient selection – Gina brown
  • Learning Curve
    Laparoscopic TME COLOR project – what can we do better – Jaap Bonjer
    Learning Curve TaTME – Colin Sietses
  • The Kröller-Müller Museum
    Art and Surgery – Thomas van Gulik
  • What training do we have?
    Online platform for TaTME training – Joep Knol
    TaTME, fingerprinting the technique – Marta Penna
    The next step of implementation proctoring – Jurriaan Tuynman
  • What do we need
    Which instruments platforms do we need – Walter Brunner
    Panel discussion – Moderator: Jaap Bonjer & Walter Brunner
    Platform/instruments/insufflator/case mix/RCT
  • What can we expect in near future
  • Improving TaTME technique
    Learning from our mistakes – Colin Sietses
    New tricks in TaTME – Antonio Lacy
    The Ideal 2 team TaTME – CECIL approach – Joep Knol

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