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Specialty Skills in Coloproctology

22 Mar 17
22 March 2017
Royal College of Surgeons
London, UK

This interactive course combines a practical workshop using animal tissue and unembalmed cadavers with eLearning modules to equip you with a range of skills. You’ll learn about the evaluation and treatment of benign anorectal diseases, pilonidal disease and stoma surgery, plus a variety of operative procedures on the abdominal colon.

This course is mapped to the ISCP syllabus for ST3-5.

Topics include:

  • Anatomy of the anal canal, pelvic floor and rectum
  • Assessment of haemorrhoidal disease and operative haemorrhoidectomy
  • Evaluation and treatment of pilonidal disease
  • Stoma complications
  • Anatomy of the abdominal colon
  • Management of anastomotic complications

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