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Parastomal Hernia & Repair

2 May 19
02 May 2019
Mogens Dahls Koncertsal

The Copenhagen Hernia day-Symposium is an international yearly State of the Art meeting on important hernia-specific topics. International key opinion leaders known for the outstanding contribution to hernia surgery and research come to Copenhagen to present and discuss. The symposium structure is based on oral presentations (including key-lectures, pros et cons etc.), plenty of time for interactive panel, and participant discussion.

The theme this year will be on Parastomal Hernia. A permanent stoma after colorectal cancer or inflammatory bowel disease surgery is common and a large proportion of the patients will suffer from a parastomal hernia. Prophylaxis for and/or treatment of a parastomal hernia is controversial and the quantity and quality of the evidence leaves much to be desired. Despite the extent of the clinical challenges, repair and prohpylaxis is based on personal preference of the surgeon rather than profound evidence. The evidence regarding the optimal treatment of a parastomal hernia and repair will be critically analyzed and discussed.   

We are excited to welcome you all to join us for an exciting day in the heart of Wonderful Copenhagen!


David Krpata (USA)
Frederik Helgstrand (DK)
Henk-Thijs Brandsma (NL)
Manuel Lopez Cano (Spain)
Marianne Krogsgaard (DK)
Neil Smart (UK)
Sue Blackwell (UK)
Thue Bisgaard (Denmark)
Ulf Gunnarsson (Sweden)

Full details from the Copenhagen Hernia website