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Paediatric Advanced Cadaveric Trauma Surgery Course

21 Nov -
22 Nov 16
21 November - 22 November 2016
Newcastle Surgical Training Centre Freeman Hospital Newcastle upon Tyne

This course is a two day hands on practical cadaveric workshop for Consultant Paediatric Surgeons, Children`s Orthopaedic Trauma consultants, adult surgeons with a major interest in paediatrics who may be required to perform surgery on patients suffering traumatic injuries.

Topics include:

  • Exsanguinating hemorrhage
  • Traumatic cardiac arrest
  • Penetrating trauma
  • Damage control surgery
  • Be able to practice the operative principles of access & repair
  • Clamshell thoracotomy
  • Management of pericardial tamponade and penetrating cardiac injuries
  • Management of zone 1 to 3 neck injuries especially with regard to vascular injuries
  • Trauma laparotomy and abdominal packing
  • Medial visceral rotation
  • Management of liver injury
  • Laparostomy
  • Damage control approach to vascular injuries
  • Paediatric Major Trauma Case Scenarios
  • Human Factors Lecture: decision making under pressure

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