National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) Cancer Conference 2017

5 Nov -
8 Nov 17
05 November - 08 November 2017
BT Convention Centre

The NCRI Cancer Conference is the UK’s largest forum showcasing the latest advances in cancer research. The Conference provides a platform for researchers, clinicians, people affected by cancer and industry representatives to come together to discuss, present and showcase high-quality research. Informative and interactive sessions attract over 1,500 delegates each year and create the ideal setting to establish new collaborations with key stakeholders in cancer research.

Dragons’ Den

Dragons’ Den is an opportunity for researchers to meet with small groups of knowledgeable consumers (patients and carers), who are already involved in research. You are welcome to bring any aspect of your research work that would benefit from consumer input, and it’s a valuable opportunity to gain on-the-spot expert advice in an informal setting.

  • Want patient/carer (consumer) input and feedback on your research proposal?
  • Need support in obtaining approval from an ethics committee of funder?
  • Do you have questions about how to engage or involve patients in your research?

What will happen during the Dragons’ Den Session?
During the session you will have the opportunity to pitch your research to a table of consumers. The dragons will then discuss the pitch, offer feedback, and address any questions you or they may have.

When and Where
The session will be on Monday 6th November and will run between 1-2pm.

How to apply
If you’d like to participate please complete the short application form

Dragons’ Den Application


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