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M27 Course 2015 – A Coloproctology Course for Surgical Trainees

12 Nov -
13 Nov 15
12 November - 13 November 2015
Queen Alexandra Hospital Portsmouth, PO6 3LY

This is the eighteenth M27 course, an ‘essentials in coloproctology’ course, held under the auspices of the Association of Coloproctology. This course is designed to provide sufficient basic knowledge in coloproctology from which surgical trainees can base their subsequent surgical practice.

Topics Covered

Applied anatomy of the rectum and anus
Applied surgical anatomy of the
large and small bowel
Stoma management
The history in colorectal surgery
Examination in colorectal surgery
Indications and techniques for investigation
of the colon rectum and anus
Interactive radiology spot
Care of the patient with colorectal disease
Endoanal ultrasound
Anorectal physiology and faecal incontinence
Principles of intestinal anastomosis
Rectal prolapse
Inflammatory bowel disease
Peritonitis and colonic perforation
Colorectal cancer
Large bowel obstruction
Pilonidal sinus
Haemorrhoids and perianal haematoma
Anal fissure
Anal fistula and sepsis
Other anal conditions
Diverticular disease
Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery

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