IANS Scientific Meeting (International Anal Neoplasia Society)

1 Nov -
3 Nov 19
01 November - 03 November 2019
Mövenpick Hotel
Amsterdam City Centre, The Netherlands

The 2019 event will showcase invited presentations, abstracts, small group sessions and a lively scientific interchange on anal HPV infection, anal squamous intraepithelial lesions and anal cancer.

Educational Learning objectives

  • Determining populations at-risk for anal HSIL and cancer, and optimal strategies for screening.
  • Updates and new developments in molecular biology and pathogenesis of anal HPV, HSIL and cancer.
  • Strategies for and new developments in treatment of anal HSIL and cancer.
  • Improving the infra-structure and knowledge base for HRA providers. Understanding the limitations of different health care systems in providing HRA.
  • Understanding the optimal use of the HPV vaccine for prevention of anal canal disease; discussing the potential for off-label use in preventing development and recurrence of HPV-associated anal canal disease in at-risk populations.

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