Gastrointestinal Anastomosis Workshop

7 Oct 19
07 October 2019
ICENI Centre, Colchester
Colchester Hospital Turner Road Colchester, Essex CO4 5JL

This one day workshop provides exposure to the theoretical principals and practical techniques of gastrointestinal anastomosis. Now in its’ 8th year, it provides an excellent opportunity to perform a high volume and variety of hand sewn and stapled anastomoses on wet lab specimens in a stress free controlled environment.

The aim of the course is to shorten the learning curve for these essential surgical techniques and provide trainees with the confidence to transfer these skills directly to the operating theatre.

Features include:

  • Hands-on practice using wet lab specimens
  • High trainer to trainee ratio
  • Detailed personal feedback on performance, including ISCP simulated DOPS assessment
  • Skills obtained will be directly applicable in clinical practice on return to the workplace

Download the flyer (997kB)

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