Frontiers in intestinal failure, rehabilitation and home parenteral nutrition 2019

9 Dec -
11 Dec 19
09 December - 11 December 2019
8:45am – 5pm
Royal Society of Medicine
1 Wimpole Street W1G 0AE

Intestinal failure rehabilitation & home parenteral nutrition from hospital to home

St Mark’s Hospital & Academic Institute is happy to announce that our 3 day course is now available for bookings and will cover all 3 types of intestinal failure.

9th December

Day 1 will cover aspects of type 1 intestinal failure including causes and prevention, refeeding, requirements, short term access, bowel obstruction, high output stoma management and managing metabolic complications in the short term.

10th December

Day 2 will cover aspects of type 2 intestinal failure and will focus on the management of enterocutenous fistula, fistuloclysis/distal feeding, complex stomacare, pharmacology issues, management of chronic pain and dysmotility.

11th December

Day 3 will cover type 3 intestinal failure and will focus on home parenteral nutrition including HIFNET and the HPN framework, monitoring, complications such as infections, metabolic and abnormal LFTs, malignancy, intestinal rehabilitation and the patient perspective.

We look forward to seeing you in December at the Royal Society of Medicine.

Frontiers in IF HPN 2019

For further information please email to  [email protected]

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