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Angels and Demons in Rectal Cancer: Challenging the Dogmas

22 Feb -
23 Feb 18
22 February - 23 February 2018
Champalimaud Foundation
Avenida de Brasília 1400-038 Lisboa Portugal

Angels – Unprecedented opportunities for improvement – robotics to increase precision in surgery, image guidance, intensity modulation and target stabilisation to refine radiation.

Demons – the confusion of recent studies and the mounting morbidity of current protocols.

The Champalimaud Foundation has brought together, perhaps uniquely, the “Watch and Wait” thinking of Habr-Gama and her team with the imaging and radiotherapy skills to exploit superior radiation technology …

On 22nd-23rd February we will share with you the many dogmas that now need to be challenged by the modern Colorectal Cancer MDT and the many improvements that now seem possible for the patients of tomorrow.”

Prof Bill Heald, Chairman of the “Colorectal Cancer Project”, The Champalimaud Institute for the Unknown, Lisbon, Portugal

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