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2nd Northern Laparoscopic and Robotic GI Video Symposium

25 Nov 16
25 November 2016
Darlington Northern Echo Arena

This is the 2nd Northern Laparoscopic and Robotic GI Symposium for all staff working within the field of laparoscopic and robotic Gastro-Intestinal and Bariatric Surgery.

Darlington Northern Echo Arena,
Darlington, DL2 1DL

Course Conveners: Venkatesh Shanmugam, Andrew Gilliam

Key topics

  • Video Laparoscopic type 4 hiatus hernia with pancreas in the chest
  • Video Laparoscopic oesophageal diverticulectomy
  • Video Inter-sphincteric resection and transanal TME for low rectal cancer
  • Individualising the surgical procedure of APR
  • Set up of Robotic Bariatric surgery
  • Robotic Gastric bypass and Duodenal Switch
  • Video Robotic Anterior Resection in difficult male pelvis
  • Video Laparoscopic splenic flexure mobilisation
  • Video single port Reversal of Hartmann’s
  • Video Single port Ileal pouch anal anastomosis
  • Video balloon insertion for bariatric cases

Course Flyer (243kB)

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