Awards and distinctions

Awards and distinctions bestowed by the Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland (ACPGBI)

Honorary Members

Honorary Member Country
Dr H Abcarian USA
Dr R W Beart USA
Professor E L Bokey Australia
Professor J Christiansen Denmark
Professor P J Finan UK
Dr James Church USA
Professor F Frizelle New Zealand
Professor S M Goldberg USA
Dr P H Gordon Canada
Professor R H Grace UK
Professor J Hardcastle UK
Mr P Hawley UK
Professor R J Heald UK
Professor W Hohenberger Germany
Professor L A G Hultén Sweden
Professor Sir Miles Irving UK
Mr I Jones Australia
Professor M R B Keighley UK
Mr M Killingback Australia
Dr I J Kodner USA
Professor O Kronborg Denmark
Professor Søren Laurberg Denmark
Dr A C Lowry USA
Professor Robin McLeod Canada
Mr J Mackay Australia
Mr G Newstead Australia
Professor R J Nicholls UK
Mr J Oakley Australia
Professor R Parc France
Professor F Penninckx Belgium
Professor P Quirke UK
Dr D Rothenberger USA
Dr Francis Seow-Choen Singapore
Dr L E Smith USA
Professor M Solomon Australia
Mr J Stamatakis UK
Mr R Stitz Australia
Mr MR Thompson UK
Mr J Thomson UK
Dr S D Wexner USA
Mr R Woods Australia

ACPGBI  Trainee Coloproctologist of the Year

Year Trainee Coloproctologist
2016 Andrew Beggs: Clinical Lecturer General Surgery, University of Birmingham
2017 Lyndsay Pearce: Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust
2018 Aneel Bhangu, University Hospital Birmingham
2019 Joint award to Katherine Baker, Southmead Hospital, Bristol and
Rebecca Fish, Hope Hospital, Salford, Manchester
2020 Deena Harji, University Hospital of North Tees

BDRF Lectures

Year Lecture
2015 Inaugural Lecture: John Northover: Randomisation or neigh? – Inspect the course, THEN choose the horse
2016 Sir David Lane: The molecular biology of colorectal cancer and its therapeutic implications
2017 Ismail Gögenur: Evidence based enhanced recovery
2018 Dion Morton: How have randomized trials benefitted patients with colorectal disease
2019 Ronan O’Connell: Papers that have changed colorectal practice

BJS Lectures

Year Lecture
1996 G D Steele: Is the NIH Consensus Document Right?
1997 Professor R L Nichols: Risks for Infection and Resistant Microbes – Major Factors for the Development of Surgical Infection
1998 Dr David Rothenberger: Continuous Quality Improvement in a Colorectal Surgery Practice
1999 Dr Peter Cotton: The Tunnel at the End of the Light
2000 Dr Roger Dozois: Restorative Proctocolectomy – the present position
2001 Dr Robin McLeod: Evidence-Based Coloproctology
2002 Dr Jeff Milsom: Laparoscopic Surgery for Benign Colorectal Conditions
2003 Dr Jim Fleshman: Local Excision of Rectal Cancer – Extending the Horizons
2004 Professor Vic Fazio: Predicting Pouch Failure
2005 Professor Richard Reznick: Why Does it Take Six Years to Teach a Brilliant Trainee to do a Colectomy?
2006 Professor Lars Påhlman: The Downside of Chemoradiotherapy – Justification for a Selective Approach
2007 Dr Doug Wong: Selection of Patients for Local Treatment of Rectal Cancer
2008 Dr Steven Wexner: Laparoscopic IBD Surgery: Tricks of the Trade
2009 Professor Werner Hohenberger: Radical Resection of Colon Cancer
2010 Professor Paul-Antoine Lehur: Real Results of Incontinence Treatment
2011 Dr Robert Rosenberg: Do all patients with rectal cancer need neoadjuvant radiotherapy
2012 Dr Francis Seow-Choen: Laparoscopic Surgery – more for fewer ports
2013 Professor Eric Rullier: Internal Sphincter Resection for Low Rectal Cancer – the Bordeaux experience
2014 Dr Torbjörn Holm: Extra-Levator Abdomino-Perineal Excision
2015 Professor Willem Bemelman: Has surgery for Diverticular Disease become obsolete?
2016 Professor Søren Laurberg: The Harm we Cause by Treating Rectal Cancer and How to Minimise It
2017 Mr Brendan Moran: Significant Polyps and Early Colorectal Cancer (SPECC)
2018 Dr John Monson: Rectal Cancer Surgery – are we on the Right Road?
2019 Professor Michael Solomon: Decisional conflict, equipoise and bias in the interpretation of randomized controlled trials in colorectal surgery

Colorectal Disease (Journal) Lectures

Year Lecture
2013 Professor Emmanuel Tiret: Dysplasia, ALMs, DALMs; surgical decision making. Delivered at the 2013 Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain & Ireland Annual Meeting in Liverpool, UK
2014 Professor Paul Finan: Do Quality Measures in Colorectal Cancer Management Benefit Patients, Physicians or Politicians?
Delivered at the 2014 Tripartite Colorectal Meeting in Birmingham, UK
2015 Miss Sarah O’Dwyer: How far can we push the boundaries in the treatment of colorectal cancer?
Delivered at the 2015 DDF meeting at ExCeL, UK
2016 Dr James Church: Colonoscopy in the 21st Century. Delivered at the 2016 Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain & Ireland Annual Meeting in Edinburgh, UK
2017 Mr Thomas Pinkney: The value of European collaborative research
2018 Mr David Nott: Leaving a Legacy in War Zones
2019 Professor Per Nilsson ‘Watch and wait’ and surgery for regrowth after neoadjuvant therapy for rectal cancer

John Goligher Lectures

Year Lecture
1999 Dr Marvin Corman: Traditions, Trials and Treatises. Delivered at the 1999 Tripartite Meeting in Washington DC, USA
1999 Mr Peter W R Lee: Master Surgeon and Mentor: Delivered at the 1999 Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain & Ireland Annual Meeting in Southport, UK
2000 Professor Rune Sjodahl. Delivered at an RSM Section of Coloproctology Meeting Stockholm, Sweden
2001 Dr Victor Fazio: Management of Complications of Pelvic Pouch Surgery. Delivered at the 2001 Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain & Ireland Annual Meeting in Harrogate, UK
2002 Professor Norman Williams: Anorectal Reconstruction – An Emerging Sub-specialty. Delivered at the 2002 Tripartite Meeting in Melbourne, Australia
2003 Professor Michael Keighley: Quality of Life Amongst IBD Patients – Colorectal Surgeons Can Do Much to Help. Delivered at 2003 Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain & Ireland Annual Meeting in Edinburgh, UK
2005 Professor John Nicholls: The History of the Surgical Treatment of Ulcerative Colitis. Delivered at the 2005 Tripartite Meeting in Dublin, Ireland
2006 Professor Neil Mortensen: The Challenge of Managing Very Early Cancers in the UK (English) Screening Programme. Delivered at 2006 Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain & Ireland Annual Meeting in Gateshead, UK
2007 Professor Jeremy Jass: Colon Cancer: not just one illness. Delivered at the RSM Section of Coloproctology President’s Day in St Mark’s Hospital, Harrow
2008 Professor Michael Solomon: Radical Pelvic Exenteration for Advanced and Recurrent Rectal Cancer: techniques and outcomes. Lecture at 2008 Tripartite Meeting, Boston, USA (JOINT)
2009 Mr Paul Finan: Rising to the Challenge. Lecture at 2009 Annual Meeting, Association of Coloproctology Harrogate
2010 Mr Brian Hancock, Manchester: Obstetric Fistula Management in Africa. Delivered at a joint meeting of the Coloproctology and Obstetrics and Gynaecology Sections of the RSM at the RSM
2011 Mr Michael Parker: Optimizing the Odds for the Obstructed Patient. Lecture at 2011 Tripartite Meeting, Cairns, Australia
2012 Professor Robin Phillips: The Clinical Management of Familial Adenomatous Polyposis. Lecture at 2012 Annual Meeting, Association of Coloproctology Dublin, Ireland
2014 Professor Ronan O’Connell: Ileo-Anal Pouches. Lecture at Tripartite Meeting, Birmingham, UK
2015 Merv Rees: Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases – where are we now? Lecture at DDF 2015
2016 Professor John Hyland: Rectal Cancer in Ireland
2017 Mr Peter Dawson: Guidelines, Resources and Statements – the ACPGBI Position Lecture at 2017
2018 Professor Malcolm Dunlop: How is all this Genomics Nonsense Relevant to me as a Surgeon?
2019 RSM Section of Coloproctology to host
2020 Tripartite Meeting (Auckland, NZ). ACPGBI and RSM Section of Coloproctology to jointly organise lecture
2021 Association of Coloproctology of GB & I to host

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