Awards and distinctions

Awards and distinctions bestowed by the Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland (ACPGBI).

Honorary Members

Honorary Member Country
Dr H Abcarian USA
Dr R W Beart USA
Professor E L Bokey Australia
Professor J Christiansen Denmark
Professor P J Finan UK
Dr James Church USA
Professor F Frizelle New Zealand
Professor S M Goldberg USA
Dr P H Gordon Canada
Professor R H Grace UK
Professor J Hardcastle UK
Mr P Hawley UK
Professor R J Heald UK
Professor W Hohenberger Germany
Professor L A G Hultén Sweden
Professor Sir Miles Irving UK
Mr I Jones Australia
Professor M R B Keighley UK
Mr M Killingback Australia
Dr I J Kodner USA
Professor O Kronborg Denmark
Dr A C Lowry USA
Professor Robin McLeod Canada
Mr J Mackay Australia
Dr B C Morson UK
Mr G Newstead Australia
Professor R J Nicholls UK
Mr J Oakley Australia
Professor R Parc France
Professor F Penninckx Belgium
Professor P Quirke UK
Dr D Rothenberger USA
Dr Francis Seow-Choen Singapore
Dr L E Smith USA
Professor M Solomon Australia
Mr J Stamatakis UK
Mr R Stitz Australia
Mr MR Thompson UK
Mr J Thomson UK
Dr S D Wexner USA
Mr R Woods Australia

ACPGBI Young Coloproctologist of the Year

Year Young Coloproctologist
2016 Mr Andrew Beggs: Clinical Lecturer General Surgery, University of Birmingham

BJS Lectures

Year Lecture
1996 G D Steele: Is the NIH Consensus Document Right?
1997 Professor R L Nichols: Risks for Infection and Resistant Microbes – Major Factors for the Development of Surgical Infection
1998 Dr David Rothenberger: Continuous Quality Improvement in a Colorectal Surgery Practice
1999 Dr Peter Cotton: The Tunnel at the End of the Light
2000 Dr Roger Dozois: Restorative Proctocolectomy – the present position
2001 Dr Robin McLeod: Evidence-Based Coloproctology
2002 Dr Jeff Milsom: Laparoscopic Surgery for Benign Colorectal Conditions
2003 Dr Jim Fleshman: Local Excision of Rectal Cancer – Extending the Horizons
2004 Professor Vic Fazio: Predicting Pouch Failure
2005 Professor Richard Reznick: Why Does it Take Six Years to Teach a Brilliant Trainee to do a Colectomy?
2006 Professor Lars Påhlman: The Downside of Chemoradiotherapy – Justification for a Selective Approach
2007 Dr Doug Wong: Selection of Patients for Local Treatment of Rectal Cancer
2008 Dr Steven Wexner: Laparoscopic IBD Surgery: Tricks of the Trade
2009 Professor Werner Hohenberger: Radical Resection of Colon Cancer
2010 Professor Paul-Antoine Lehur: Real Results of Incontinence Treatment
2011 Dr Robert Rosenberg: Do all patients with rectal cancer need neoadjuvant radiotherapy
2012 Dr Francis Seow-Choen: Laparoscopic Surgery – more for fewer ports
2013 Professor Eric Rullier: Internal Sphincter Resection for Low Rectal Cancer – the Bordeaux experience
2014 Dr Torbjörn Holm: Extra-Levator Abdomino-Perineal Excision
2015 Professor Willem Bemelman: Has surgery for Diverticular Disease become obsolete?
2016 Professor Søren Laurberg: The Harm we Cause by Treating Rectal Cancer and How to Minimise It

Colorectal Disease (Journal) Lectures

Year Lecture
2013 Professor Emmanuel Tiret: Dysplasia, ALMs, DALMs; surgical decision making. Delivered at the 2013 Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain & Ireland Annual Meeting in Liverpool, UK
2014 Professor Paul Finan: Do Quality Measures in Colorectal Cancer Management Benefit Patients, Physicians or Politicians?
Delivered at the 2014 Tripartite Colorectal Meeting in Birmingham, UK
2015 Miss Sarah O’Dwyer: How far can we push the boundaries in the treatment of colorectal cancer?
Delivered at the 2015 DDF meeting at ExCeL, UK
2016 Dr James Church: Colonoscopy in the 21st Century. Delivered at the 2016 Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain & Ireland Annual Meeting in Edinburgh, UK

John Goligher Lectures

Year Lecture
1999 Dr Marvin Corman: Traditions, Trials and Treatises. Delivered at the 1999 Tripartite Meeting in Washington DC, USA
1999 Mr Peter W R Lee: Master Surgeon and Mentor: Delivered at the 1999 Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain & Ireland Annual Meeting in Southport, UK
2000 Professor Rune Sjodahl. Delivered at an RSM Section of Coloproctology Meeting Stockholm, Sweden
2001 Dr Victor Fazio: Management of Complications of Pelvic Pouch Surgery. Delivered at the 2001 Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain & Ireland Annual Meeting in Harrogate, UK
2002 Professor Norman Williams: Anorectal Reconstruction – An Emerging Sub-specialty. Delivered at the 2002 Tripartite Meeting in Melbourne, Australia
2003 Professor Michael Keighley: Quality of Life Amongst IBD Patients – Colorectal Surgeons Can Do Much to Help. Delivered at 2003 Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain & Ireland Annual Meeting in Edinburgh, UK
2005 Professor John Nicholls: The History of the Surgical Treatment of Ulcerative Colitis. Delivered at the 2005 Tripartite Meeting in Dublin, Ireland
2006 Professor Neil Mortensen: The Challenge of Managing Very Early Cancers in the UK (English) Screening Programme. Delivered at 2006 Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain & Ireland Annual Meeting in Gateshead, UK
2007 Professor Jeremy Jass: Colon Cancer: not just one illness. Delivered at the RSM Section of Coloproctology President’s Day in St Mark’s Hospital, Harrow
2008 Professor Michael Solomon: Radical Pelvic Exenteration for Advanced and Recurrent Rectal Cancer: techniques and outcomes. Lecture at 2008 Tripartite Meeting, Boston, USA (JOINT)
2009 Mr Paul Finan: Rising to the Challenge. Lecture at 2009 Annual Meeting, Association of Coloproctology Harrogate
2010 Mr Brian Hancock, Manchester: Obstetric Fistula Management in Africa. Delivered at a joint meeting of the Coloproctology and Obstetrics and Gynaecology Sections of the RSM at the RSM
2011 Mr Michael Parker: Optimizing the Odds for the Obstructed Patient. Lecture at 2011 Tripartite Meeting, Cairns, Australia
2012 Professor Robin Phillips: The Clinical Management of Familial Adenomatous Polyposis. Lecture at 2012 Annual Meeting, Association of Coloproctology Dublin, Ireland
2014 Professor Ronan O’Connell: Ileo-Anal Pouches. Lecture at Tripartite Meeting, Birmingham, UK
2015 Merv Rees: Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases – where are we now? Lecture at DDF 2015

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