Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Sub-committee

The IBD Sub-committee is governed through the MCC and currently consists of Omar Faiz (Chair), Malcolm Dunlop, Graeme Wilson, Justin Davies, Richard Guy and Tom Pinkney.

There is also support from Jenny Pipe, Patient Liaison Group Representative, and the newly reformed IBD Clinical Advisory Group (chaired by Steve Brown and with Nicola Fearnhead acting as Honorary Secretary). Since December 2015 there have been two IBD Sub-committee teleconferences and members of our group have joined two face-to-face IBD CAG meetings in January and June 2016 respectively.

The newly formed sub-committee developed a set of aims that it will endeavour to achieve over the next three years. The broad aims of the subcommittee are to enhance audit, develop means for measuring and improving quality and promote research and education in IBD surgery. To this end it will continue to develop the Ileal Pouch Registry with the expectation that we will improve the existing user interface and produce an IPR report in 2017. The work of the pouch registry will be supported by a broader initiative involving the use of administrative data for surgical audit.

We have also commenced work identifying a group of metrics to facilitate evaluation of ‘quality’ in IBD surgical care. The latter will ultimately contribute towards quality improvement initiatives in IBD surgery in the UK. Preliminary discussions have also commenced to potentially develop IBD fellowships to enhance the experience of trainees wishing to develop an interest in IBD surgery.

In addition, consideration is currently being given to the development of surgical guidelines for IBD care in Great Britain. Specific contributions by IBD subcommittee members include: a surgical contribution to the BSG guidelines by Malcolm Dunlop and Justin Davies, participation in the National Emergency Laparotomy Audit by Richard Guy, representation on the IBD Standards group by Graeme Wilson and Omar Faiz and promotion of IBD surgical research by Tom Pinkney.