Emergency General Surgery Working Group

The Emergency Surgery Subcommittee has recently been formed in response to a perceived need within ACPGBI.

It is clear that colorectal surgeons are contributing significantly to the management of emergencies nationally and a specific committee that can liase with the Association of Upper GI surgeons (AUGIS) and the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland (ASGBI) was required. The sub-committee is chaired by Asha Senapati, past president of ACPGBI.

There are a number of other areas where members of the MCC represent ACPGBI

These include:

  • Suhail Anwar represents ACPGBI on the Perioperative Quality Improvement Project
  • Paul Rooney sits on CORESS – The confidential reporting system for surgery.
  • Sarah O’Dwyer is a member of the Expert Working Group looking at tariffs for colorectal procedures.
  • Ciaran Walsh – Royal College of Surgeons commissioning guide on rectal bleeding.

EBS Survey

The EGS Working Group surveyed consultant members of ACPGBI in the summer to canvass their views on the delivery of EGS and in particular the role of Emergency General Surgeons.

We thank those who completed the survey for their time and comments, which will add substance to the complexities of delivery of EGS in our islands.

The survey is now complete, and the results will be published shortly.

Please look out for the link.

Emergency General Surgery – a consensus statement

ASGBI EGS Statement June 2017 (275kB)

Emergency General Surgery Working Group

Members of the group are:

  • Leigh Davies (Cardiff)
  • Chris Macklin (Dewsbury)
  • David McArthur (Birmingham)
  • Andy Miller (Leicester)
  • Asha Senapati (Portsmouth) – Chairman
  • Nick Symons (London) – Trainee rep
  • Azmina Verjee (London) – Patient rep

The Future of  Emergency General Surgery

Future of EGS joint document March 2015 (216kB)

The Higher Risk General Surgical Patient Towards Improved Care for a Forgotten Group

The Higher Risk General Surgical Patient Towards Improved Care for a Forgotten Group (620kB)

Recommendations for the Management of Large Bowel Obstruction

Management of large bowel obstruction (70kB)

Third Patient Report of the National Emergency Laparotomy Audit (NELA)

The Third Patient Report of the National Emergency Laparotomy Audit 2017 - Executive Summary (1Mb)

National Emergency Laparotomy Audit website

National Emergency Laparotomy Audit website