In December 2012, NHS England asked ten clinical specialties to report outcomes for individual consultants. In response, The Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland published in September 2013 the mortality of patients in the first 90 days after a planned operation undertaken to remove a bowel cancer for named surgeons practising in England.

This year’s data

This year the outcomes are assessed based on data provided by the National Bowel Cancer Audit for patients whose bowel cancer was diagnosed between April 2010 and March 2013 – a total of 3 years elective (planned not emergency) resection outcomes. On this page, you can find the results for all NHS Trusts in England and search for the surgeons who work within these Trusts.

Alternate information on mortality rates

Information about how the mortality after a planned bowel cancer operation was calculated can be found in our Information for Patients page. More detailed information about the methods that were used can be found in our explanatory notes. These notes describe how the reported results have been adjusted for differences in the physical condition of the patients and the severity of their cancer to make sure that surgeons who operate on more difficult cases are not unfairly penalised.

View Surgeon Outcomes data

To search for a particular surgeon, please select the NHS Trust where this surgeon is based. For each NHS Trust, you will find a “funnel plot” that compares the 90-day mortality after a planned removal of a bowel cancer in that Trust with the mortality of the other NHS Trusts in England. The mortality result of the NHS Trust you have chosen is highlighted in red whereas the result of the other Trusts are presented in blue. On the same page, you will find another funnel plot that compares the results of all surgeons. The results of the surgeons working in the Trust that have chosen are highlighted in red. In addition, you will see a Table with the names of the surgeons working in the chosen Trust, the numbers of their operations that were included, and the adjusted mortality in the first 90 days.